Full-length comedy • One intermission

Collapsible Casting: 5W, 1M or 10W, 2M

What do the Kardashian sisters and the Bennet sisters have in common?  Nearly everything, it turns out.  Set in present-day Los Angeles AND 1801 England, the play flows back and forth in time as two families of women pursue the ultimate goals they believe will save them: a reality show, and an advantageous marriage.  Is it possible to have autonomy and love at the same time?  Is social irrelevance now as terrifying as poverty?  Who released the sex tape on the internet, and who put the parson’s daughter ‘in the family way’?  A play about the price of choice, and the particular evolution of a particular kind of woman.

Development History:

LADYISH received a lab production at Illinois Wesleyan University in March 2017.  The play was directed by Lisa Gaye Dixon.

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Photo credit: Pete Guither