Tiny Houses


Tiny Houses

Full-length comedy • No intermission • 3M, 2W

Bohdi is a hypnotherapist.  Jevne is a YouTube artist.  Ollie sells haunted dolls online.  Cath just left her job to move to Oregon with her new boyfriend.  And they are all building a house together in the back yard.  As the dwelling comes together onstage, tensions swell, discoveries are made, and long-buried feelings rise to the surface.  In a world where bigger is always better, can tiny really equal happy?  Or is this a recipe for disaster?  A comedy about what happens when the world shrinks.

TINY HOUSES received its first public performance in a Signature New Play Workshop at Chautauqua Theatre Company, July 14-16, 2016.

 Joshua Brody directed the production.

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All Photos by Greg Funka

TINY HOUSES received a reading with the MT + NYC Collaborative at The Exley in Brooklyn on November 21, 2017.